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So orange salsa, because it’s the color orange or does it contain oranges?

All of the lights. #vscocam

And I promise I’ll stop blowing up the feed. #hyperlapse of the Golden Gate Bridge. (at San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge)

We made it. Here’s to the next Chapter. (at San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge)

The view from the road. #latergram #southernmigrationof14

View from the road. Enroute to detour no. 4. (at California State Route 20)

Crossing the line. Later Oregon. #vscocam (at Oregon-California Border)

Night drive. #hyperlapse #southernmigrationof14

Detour No. 2 #dessert with the lovely Ms. @meghanfarrell (at Sweet Life Patisserie)

Detour no. 1 #Springfield (at Emerald Art Center)

We out here. #vscocam (at I-5)

Out of here.

Goodbye Portland. It’s been a pleasure. #vscocam

Two more for the road. #mynikeids